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Business coaching for artists

As an artist, this has been one of my most fulfilling parts of my life, but it has to be said it has not been without hardships.

Starting out I have done everything wrong, and started again more times than I can count, and I ran at very low profit if any for many years prior to my success.

It can be incredibly challenging finding time to create, leave time for marketing, website development, financials, tax and other tasks. Oh the amount of times I have sat on the floor in a heap crying over my confusion on tax with a creative brain.

It has taken me ten plus years to get to this stage of my career where my business steadily brings in enough revenue to work full time comfortably. And there have been a thousand mistakes along the way. 

I am realistic enough to know I simply do not have the time for one on one coaching with everyone. I actually do end up working very long hours creating, as I have a very long client list, and sold out commission base, but more and more I am having people reach out to me for advice and tips on how they too can build their business to something successful, and that is where this coaching came into play.

With experience, starting and running my own art business, working for twenty plus years prior in lead design, and support design roles with other companies, growing an online and physical presence, and creating new product, alongside my previous mistakes I confidently feel as though the information I can provide artists is invaluable when you are starting out.



As with any creative undertaking, every person and every plan will be different, but the information I have provided can help you transfer it directly into your own art and design business, avoiding some of the mistakes I made and leaving more time to grow into a 6 figure art business doing what you love to do. Create.


My Story

I have worked in the creative field for nearly 30 years.

Coming from an extremely creative family of photographers, designers and artists I grew up with my parents running their own design business which took me all over the world as they created new ranges, and developed new designs for their seaside business, which I subsequently ended up designing for.

After working in London in my 20's, I came back to New Zealand and pursued a career and education in the creative sector. I have worked for various high end fashion houses, and Decor stores in lead design and support design roles learning an immense amount of invaluable skill, until I eventually decided to take the plunge and move full time in my own business Tamaasa which was steadily becoming so busy I could no longer do both.

As a solo mum to one boy, I feel incredibly proud that we now get to travel to places far and wide, enjoying some of the most incredible places and creating, doing what I love every day. It took some time for me to have faith in my ability to be able to do it all on my own, but I am very grateful that I decided to take the plunge, as it is the best thing I have ever done.


You can create this life too.


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"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

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"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

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"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

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"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

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