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CRATE ART is a synonym for 'great art' or art delivered i'e in a Crate.

It is the connection of ourselves to ourselves and the self-expressive journey of an artist or non-creative in the search for something more.

In 2020 I built a successful business Tamaasa as a solo mum after the passing of my youngest sister through my journey with connection to birds and fauna and all things beautiful in an effort to heal. The most beautiful parts have come from the amazing connections I have found with people and places that hold spiritual value, or a place for healing for kids and adults.

In 2022/23 when grief once more hit my life I realised the value of my work needed to extend more into seeking to share my skills in an effort to allow others healing, or to find the beauty that can be found in art, creatively expressing, journalling and channeling into self care.

Crate Art is essentially my journal, it is the pages that make up my story.

I hope it can help you too.

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