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Art Coaching

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Art Coaching - One time one fee bundle info Being a successful artist has been one of my most fulfilling parts of my life journey. However, it can be incredibly challenging finding time to create, leave time for marketing, website development, financials, tax and other tasks. Oh the amount of times I have sat on the floor in a heap crying over my confusion on tax with a creative brain. I have at times done everything wrong, and started again more times than I can count, and I ran at very low profit if any for many years prior to my success. It has taken me ten plus years to get to this stage of my career where my business steadily brings in enough revenue to work full time comfortably, and I could offer advice to others. I am realistic enough to know I simply do not have the time for one on one coaching with everyone, I work long hours creating, I have a very long client list to get through, and sold out commissions all year, but more and more I am having people reach out to me for advice and tips on how they too can build their business to something successful, and that is where this one time coaching info began. With experience, starting and running my own art business, working for twenty plus years prior in lead design, with other companies, growing an online and physical presence, and creating new product, alongside my previous mistakes I confidently feel as though the information I can provide will help you start your journey with this course .

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Art Coaching


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  • Art Coaching

    Art coaching for running a successful art business
    Valid for 2 years
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