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15 Days of expressive art journalling - Part one

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15 Days of expressive Arts Journalling. Part one of two This course is open to be achieved in as little or long time as possible. Most of the modules are an hr long, with simple prompts to get you to expressively journal without too much thought or preparation going into it. The practice of Arts journalling is instead of a technical practice, more of an open meditation into using creativity to express, and explore different practices without any desired outcome. This will naturally lead to you finding either new techniques which you enjoy, or simply looking to connect with yourself emotionally by working in a meditative manner. Prompts in the course look at things such as using a letter to create an artwork in your journal, or a quote which has meaning to you., or using a certain colour. I will walk you through with a video and then you get to create your own journal. Perfect for relaxation, creating a space to learn new techniques, or simply just giving yourself some time for self.

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Art Journal Part One


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