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  • Art Journal Part One

    15 Days of Art journalling Part One
    Valid for one year
    • 15 Days of Art journalling classes Part one

About the Course

15 Days of expressive Arts Journalling.

Avail 15th Jan 2023

Part one of two

This course is open to be achieved in as little or long time as possible. Most of the modules are an hr long, with simple prompts to get you to expressively journal without too much thought or preparation going into it.

The practice of Arts journalling is instead of a technical practice, more of an open meditation into using creativity to express, and explore different practices without any desired outcome. This will naturally lead to you finding either new techniques which you enjoy, or simply looking to connect with yourself emotionally by working in a meditative manner.

Prompts in the course look at things such as using a letter to create an artwork in your journal, or a quote which has meaning to you.

Material needed:

Please take note - You do not need all of these materials for this course. Should you wish to use simple art materials over and over that is fine, the process is about not having a specified outcome. Should you wish to explore different mediums though using the below materials can help.

Also note these materials do not need to be expensive. Collecting paints and pastels from a $2 shop can work just as well, and is a good way to explore mediums without worrying about expenses. Please connect to the blog entry on supplies here.

  • A4 or A3 blank journal

  • Charcoal pencils or charcoal blanks

  • Old magazines

  • Pastels

  • Acrylic paint

  • Watercolour paint

  • A set of paint brushes - ranging from medium to large

  • Found objects - of choice collect some nature objects, paper, craft etc

  • Ink pens - Black and coloured


  1. Collage

  2. Letter prompts

  3. Mixed media

  4. Quote prompt

  5. Expressive watercolour

  6. One word journal prompt

  7. Song/Lyrics prompt

  8. Mandala journal

  9. Colour prompt

  10. Blind drawing

  11. Shading shapes

  12. Photo prompt

  13. HOPE - What does it look/feel like

  14. Sketchbook ink lines

  15. Expressive circles

Your Instructor


Tabitha Maxwell who works under the name Tamaasa has been working in the creative sector for over 20 years.

She has extensive experience in expressive arts, abstract art, interior design and fashion design, holding a Bachelor degrees in both Fashion and Fine Art.

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