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The definition of Art is Luxury. For centuries society has held the regard of Art as an artisan experience, therefor when we incorporate art into your Interior Design needs 95% of our clientele do request custom pieces.

This allows your design to be Unique, setting it apart from others, and allowing you to achieve your Interior Design goals.

Custom Artwork Interiors for Glass Splash backs or Murals is something we do work on with our clients, and love to do. These do incur an extra art fee, and we are able to quote this to you direct. We recommend you book a Design Consultation or give us a brief on your needs and we will look at working with you direct.

During a design consultation, we will go over the needs of your project. Should you wish to grab one of our packages, or be looking for a design consult to ensure that we have your custom design brief, we can meet with you via zoom, or on the phone and ensure you are happy with the way in which your design is going, and we can work out quoting, pricing, packages available, and any other custom needs to make sure your project is completed perfectly.


Design Packages available

Splashback - Kitchen/ Bathroom or Laundry

Create a custom Design Luxury Glass artwork for two spaces - Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Entrance. You chose the budget then pay it in instalments while building or renovating.

This qualifies for a 20% discount.

Splashback & Mural

Create a custom design Luxury Glass piece, and mural for your space. Choose the amount your wish to purchase and pay it in instalments while building.

You pick the budget and get 20% overall discount

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