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This is the Interior of exotic opulence.

Jade coloured Japanese tiles, deep charred blacks and walnut wood features.

Rich accents of acid green, and bright mango.

If you want to set the tone for an Asian inspired den then start neutral with a warm white such as Resene eighth ash or Quarter dutch white, set the outdoors a Black, and then bring features throughout with bold colours of Resene Primrose and Atlas.

Parquet wooden flooring, big bold murals, and asian fusions of velvet. Shou Sugi Ban walls of burnished cedar.

Using brushed brass fittings in the bathrooms and kitchen or even in lighting if you are bold enough, and mosaic finger tiles.

Dramatic and moody, rich and calming all at once.

Make sure you thrift in different antique stores to get little treasures to feature throughout the home. It is a blend of British and Asian history, decorating with an eclectic mix of bold decor with exotic pairings.

Mix and match as much as you can until you get the perfect blend of colour and light spaces with moody undertones.

Some things to take away - Shou Sugi Ban - This cedar treatment of exterior wood is incredible, I will have a blog about this featuring shortly.







An artist whom would fit in effortlessly to the Exotic stage of Interiors is French artist Paul Gauguin.

His backdrops are however Tahitian, but the bright colours of mango orange, golden yellow, and deep greens sit mesmerisingly as centre stage.

Perfect for a home that wants to make an entrance, if you line the walls with bright pops of art in bright yellows and goldens, and keep the bones of the place neutral it leaves space to really bring the interior fittings alive with tiling, and exotic decor, heavy pieces of furniture and bright yet warm art tones.

Gaugin's portraits are striking and clumsy, yet soft and delicate. Not living a life without controversy you need to seperate yourself from his controversial history to admire these works.

Paul Gauguin MATERNITÉ (II),




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