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Check out my podcast where I talk more about getting paid here.

Getting paid, this is a big one! And one of the very first things I believe you should set yourself up with at the beginning of your art journey.

From day dot you should get paid. Because 1. Your product cost you money to make, and 2. Your time is valuable.

You wouldn't do a free job twice a week and not get paid, so what is the difference with art? And the cool thing about art too, is it is subjective, so if people love your art they will be drawn to it, and if they don't they won't - so the ball really is in their court about whether or not they purchase it.

I want you to flip getting paid on its head and think about it from a clients perspective, as I know for so many people you think about it from an artists perspective and you think gosh I couldn't charge for that, or I am too nervous that it isn't good enough.

Number One - If they are interested in your art they already SEE some form of value in it.

Number two - It is up to you, as the producer of the art to create a value for it, which will increase the investment for your client.

Art has been used as an investment for value for centuries. There was a reason famous artworks were buried during the war - because they held VALUE, they were treasured. There is a reason art is stolen worldwide, again because it holds value.

Similar to gold and silver, art has for centuries been an avenue of wealth, and that is one very important reason why art should raise in value for the client purchasing it.

Did you know that between 1973 and 1981 during the last rise in inflation that art increased and outperformed Gold. Yes that's right GOLD. You are literally sitting on a goldmine with your talent.

So yes, it is very important that you get paid, and that you also raise your prices accordingly when necessary.

If you want to check out some more tips from me on tax, gst, and valuing your art please check out the podcast or e-book.




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