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Self love

The Art of actually giving yourself love!

Since running a business, and becoming a mum I really do have to admit that self love and self care has taken a big step backwards in my life.

But how you love yourself is ultimately how you teach others to love you.

And when you rely on outside validation to make you happy, you can get let down, and find yourself in a slump. But when you take the time to dedicate to the interests and things that make you happy your confidence grows, self care, and independence. You are showing yourself that you value who you are and your own happiness is a priority. I know...I know, its hard! I get it, I am the same, actually I am much worse. But this journey for me has been a lot about self-care so I thought I would share some things that really make me feel happy and alive, just in case you might be interested in them too.

I do actually buy myself flowers very regularly as a guilty pleasure. I am lucky however as I use the flowers for work to draw them as still life, or to photograph for some of my designs. Hey that's an awesome little teaching! And an exercise, grab yourself some flowers, and give them a sketch...Two for two

Secondly Breathwork is incredible! I mean it when I say it is very self regulating.



Who is yours?

We all have someone, something or a moment which essentially changed us on a cellular level into who we are. Maybe a little task for yourself today, is to journal to yourself who your person is, what your defining moment was and what it ultimately told you?

How did it change your soul?

For me, it guided me on a path of creativity which I might have otherwise not have done, so my little Toad (Jody) essentially brought the most beautiful jou

rney into my life.

#letterprompts #arttherapy #nzartist #journalling

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