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Japanese Jewels.

A Japanese jewel, Shou sugi ban is the art of firing wood, primarily Japanese cedar creating an environmentally protected cladding lasting upwards to 120 years.

Preserving wood by charring it this traditional Japanese practice has been around since the 18th century and has recently made a comeback. The wood is burned on the surface only, charred to the degree of colour you desire, and then finished with an oil. The result is a pest, rot and fire resistant timber, environmentally friendly and wonderfully elegant.

Traditionally made with Japanese cedar, here in NZ we are lucky enough to have a company The Blackwood project a timber finishing company specialising in the traditional practice of wood charring Yakisugi.

Learning from the masters in Japan, and as timber professionals themselves, they now service clients throughout New Zealand with some examples of their work, and also what can be achieved below.

You can also request samples of their range,