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The Artists Way

A journal of creative expression

How to get started

The Artists way is a really powerful start to journalling.

I have been supplying a bunch of data and classes for anyone interested in the healing powers of art, but if you would like to take it one step further the book The Artists Way is a really great place to start.

Julia Cameron has created this self-help book as a tribute to getting in touch with your spiritual or expressive side through the healing powers of art and daily journalling.

This can be a really great read for anyone who particularly wants to remove any artists blocks, or create a better understanding of your own practices. It can be really spiritual so if this is not something that floats your boat then do give it a miss, but I just take out of it that which resonates for me and leave the rest.

One of the biggest things that resonates for me is doing Morning pages - whereby you create scribblings of unconscious writing every morning to set you up for the day.

I first read this book 20 plus years ago, and I didn't realise until I began it again this year just how much intense bottled up emotions I had. I'm not sure if it is covid, or the pandemic, or the recent events that have unfortunately affected my family but I have been unconsciously pushing it all down for a few years now, and once I started journalling again I realised all of the ways in which I was stunting not only my creative practice but also my healing.


This will be a short blog, I'm just really here to put this on pages and you can decide whether or not it fits with you, but if you do decide to grab it online or in paperback, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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