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Your f#*k it bucket list of interiors.

A Concrete jungle, with metal and steel accents, and drippings of tangerine orange, hot neons, and acid greens.

My take on the factory aesthetic is it is young, hip and full of bohemian ambience.

To be honest if I picture myself, this is the place I would be spending most of my time. Creating, making paint splattered walls, letting it all fuse together into an industrial dream.

The factory is where you go to lose all Interior inhibitions.

If you want to acheieve this look try picking up some old lockers at a thrift store, or old printer trays and grind back the paint till steel is exposed then coat with a bright pop motif orange like Resene Outrageous, and grind back again to patina it.

Fill the spaces with wire chairs in various pop acid colours, or get a muralist in to paint a concrete wall inside or outside in a large scale feature. Alternatively you could get some vinyl cut stencil text made and spray paint your own mantra or be bold and paint the entire staircase yellow - my pick being Resene Turbo a perfect mix of bold and grounded.

The factory is your bucket list. It is all things expressive and loud, and full of noise.

Some local stores you might like to check out are: Vitrine Antique Industrial store, or NZ Locker shop, or alternatively take a peek at the Pinterest Inspo below for links to local suppliers.

If you would like to try a little bit of expressive painting too, check out the links to my creative expressive art journalling.







A lead figure in the pop art movement, Andy Warhol for obvious reasons is the inspiration behind The Factory Inso board.

Andy's studio - The Factory, became a well-known gathering place for, drag queens, playwrights, Bohemian, Hollywood celebrities, intellectuals and wealthy patrons in the 50's

Bringing consumerism to the foreground, and making commentary on society his work influenced an entire era and beyond.

His silkscreens are so powerful and bold, colourful and bright, they would make the most iconic pieces in any factory industrial space home.

Andy Warhol, MICK JAGGER (I975),




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