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The Art of getting to know your true self

What is CRATE ART all about?

For those of you that have made it this far down into the depths of my brain, and are still a little confused about what this is all about as I am a designer selling murals and splash-backs and fine art but now starting something called ART CRATE, well here goes.

CRATE ART essentially equals SELF LOVE. It is a series of classes, on painting techniques, self expressive art techniques and more.

It is a platform of self-love, self care, and creative expression for anyone who might want to follow the journey. And no you do not need to be creative, you just need to want to take a break from the stressors of life.

I began painting after I lost my little sister to terminal illness. Anyone who knows me from school will say yes she was the quiet kid who sat at the back of class and used to doodle in her notebook instead of paying attention in class.

Ultimately I paint birds and beautiful scenery because I love the connection to spirit we have with birds, or our WAIRUA and it just so happens these designs can look really beautiful in a home!

But I can't lose sight of why I started.

I have been invited to work with groups of kids and individuals over my time as an artist to help them learn through drawing, or process emotions through art, or just get down and do some doodling! This of course isn't at all well paid haha, so essentially most of the time it is volunteer work for me. But I REALLY TRULY enjoy this side of things, and in fact was also going to undertake my Post graduate studies in Arts Therapy at the same time as working. I know I am a crazy workaholic!

In any case while I can't actively do this at every moment of the day due to time restraints, I thought why don't I just introduce some pieces of this into my everyday. So that is what I am doing.

Every morning as practice I journal. During this journalling I usually create a doodle or very quick artwork or sketch relating to that. It is a good way to get my brain free from anything holding it down.

I really do advocate that everyone tries to implement this into their everyday. Especially if you are going to follow ART CRATE. Grab a cheap journal and start putting your thoughts down on paper.

CRATE ART will be an extension of this process for me which you are invited to also do.

  • You can watch my tik Tok's or you tube videos which really are just the ramblings of my brain processing grief or happiness or life in general, or drawing or doodling or playing with watercolours while listening to my breathing.

  • You can participate in my classes which might have drawing techniques or at the moment are primarily focused on expressive journalling using creativity (No you do NOT have to be creative).

  • You can support keeping this going by grabbing one of my self care colouring books, or pop on line and read a blog.

  • You can grab a wine on the ocassions I hopefully can do some online classes, follow along and listen or create your own inner musing drawing or doodle or artwork and get inside your own head.

This is essentially the no holes barred side of Tamaasa.

I LOVE working with kids and adults with Art. There is nothing more special than watching someone really get involved with self care practices that open them up to a realm of new possibilities, I truly do believe in the art of creatively expressing yourself for daily practice of care. That can be writing, bringing spirituality into your life, painting some flowers, or popping your thoughts onto a font art. But I just don't get the time daily with running by business to do that.

So this the next best thing.

It might come in a gratitude journal, a colouring book, a live paint session, a creative expressive journalling course, you might be lucky and grab a few drawing classes, or sketching classes as these are things I get asked about often and might expand into. It might be some self care tips I use, some meditative sound baths, or you might just catch some ramblings of an artist putting their whole self on the line, which is incredibly bloody scary for me guys so please be kind!

You might catch a session of sand drawing with kids, or body charcoal drawing with adults to promote expressiveness. You might want to grab a wine and watch a live painting session....oh I said that about the wine already didn't I haha.

What this isn't however, is the PERFECTIONIST side of Tamaasa, so don't expect to find that here. You can pop over to my design network for that, where everything is neat in packages and with bows.

This is the side of my practice which isn't perfect, it is quick, it is sketched, but it is done with complete self love and self care.

Join below if you wish to continue on this journey!



Who is yours?

We all have someone, something or a moment which essentially changed us on a cellular level into who we are. Maybe a little task for yourself today, is to journal to yourself who your person is, what your defining moment was and what it ultimately told you?

How did it change your soul?

For me, it guided me on a path of creativity which I might have otherwise not have done, so my little Toad (Jody) essentially brought the most beautiful jou

rney into my life.

#letterprompts #arttherapy #nzartist #journalling

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