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You don’t have to be an artist to keep a creative journal

101 of journal benefits.

Some of the incredible benefits of expressive journalling.

Art journalling or creative expressive journalling is a fantastic way to ease stress.

It creates a deeper sense of self awareness, and can take the chaos from inside of our heads after a long day and place it onto the paper, releasing it from our thoughts.

A good art journalling session can be as beneficial to me as a massage...okay maybe not a massage, but a brain massage.

I am quite a structured person, and I hold myself to high standards in my work and business, my parenting, everything. So art journalling for me is an incredible tool to let that all go in the beginning or end of my day, or once a week and just focus on relaxing my mind.

Letting myself off the hook with how I believe something should look as well, often results in a starting point for new ideas for me in many different areas of my practice as I allow myself the space to put something on paper without any judgement of it looking a certain way. It might also trigger me to start thinking about how I'm grateful for certain things in my life, as I explore my daily feelings while subconsciously letting my ideas flow onto paper.

I recommend journalling daily your thoughts onto paper, and then trying to implement a creative journalling session once a week, or once a day. This helps you really find space. These lessons can be only 30 mins a day, and you can use any materials, just so long as you follow the structure.

You absolutely do not need to be creative to journal. You really don't. It could become the biggest mush of brown paint on the paper, but you could really resonate with the words you've written, or find something fun in the sketches of line you have made.

Don't feel like you need to be a professional you absolutely do not!

Some key benefits to art journalling

  • Expressive way to self regulate your moods

  • Beautiful way of exploring concepts and ideas

  • Great stress reliever

  • Perfect time for you to take for yourself and relax

  • Great personal outlet for emotions

  • A pressure free way for you to explore techniques should you wish to explore your artistic side

  • It has been shown to enhance immunity and decrease high cortisol

  • It is your personal safe space to explore as much or as little of your own mind and emotions that you like

  • So get started. Enjoy the process, then do it again and again if you like with the same prompts but different ideas.



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