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  • HINA Glass Art

HINA Glass Art

$420.00 Regular Price
$336.00Sale Price

Mounted onto glass and sealed at the back, the glass panels of these circular artworks is truly stunning.


Comes ready to hang, delivered NZ wide. Also available as a splashback, mural or transparent film.


Please request SEAL in your notes if you would like to use this in a bathroom as an extra sealant is added to reduce exposure to steam.



To celebrate Matariki I like to release a new artwork - with my love of the moon and stars and all it's glorious symbolism.

In Hawaiian culture Hina the moon goddess represents female energy, she personifies the moon. In Hawaiian myth she becomes the wife of Matariki.


In Māori mythology the controller of the moon is Rona, and Hina is associated with the phases of the moon.

In my interpretation of this artwork, it is simply a representation of female energy, moving with the tides controlled by the moon, and protected by the kāhu, she embodies a free spirit, a true female charge, powerful in amongst a blanket of stars and enveloped with a lunar rainbow.



These are a handmade item so can take up to 10 days to arrive as they are made to order.


Thank you


120cm up to 7- 15kg


    • Glass artwork is printed onto toughened low iron glass and there is an mdf backing board at the back with two holes.
    • Glass artwork is heavy up to 15kg so please ensure you find suitable dry wall/gib anchors at Mitre 10 or Bunnings for your space that you are using it in.
    • The glass art rounds are available to be hung in bathrooms, with a coated white background added to the back. Please ensure you ask for your artwork to be sealed in your notes when purchasing.
    • The image is printed onto the back of the glass and sealed.
    •  Our glass artworks, and Aluminium artworks are made to order so there is a time frame of ten days as these are hand-made. Sometimes they can come earlier, but please allow up to ten working days.
    • Splash-backs are created custom to order in your timeframe - most standard sized splash-backs take ten working days to have installed, once we have your site measure done, and provided there are no issues.
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